Communications and Political Action

June 21, 2016
Today on National Aboriginal Day, the Public of Service Alliance of Canada has partnered with the community of Grassy Narrows to launch a campaign demanding safe drinking water in First Nations communities.  “Access to clean and safe water is a basic human right,” says Robyn Benson, National President of PSAC. “It’s appalling that in 2016, so many First Nations communities are forced to boil their water or drink from a bottle.”
June 20, 2016
Member of Parliament Romeo Saganash, the NDP Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs critic, spoke passionately about a private member’s bill that he is sponsoring in support of Indigenous rights during a meeting of PSAC’s National Aboriginal Circle in May.
June 16, 2016
As we begin another round of bargaining with Treasury Board, negotiations now will take place in a much fairer bargaining environment thanks to the efforts of our members. Since 2013, our union and our members have been fighting back against the Conservative government’s changes restricting our bargaining rights that were contained in their budget implementation bill, C-4.
June 13, 2016
I want to thank everyone who came out on June 8 to make our National Day of Action the overwhelming success that it was. In every province and territory of our country, in isolated outposts, in rural communities and in major city centres, we spoke with one united and powerful voice. Together, we sent a loud and clear message to the employer. Respect us, and respect our bargaining teams. We will accept nothing less. We are done with waiting for the “sunny ways” which we’ve been promised to translate into meaningful change at the bargaining table.
June 10, 2016
A House of Commons Special Committee on Pay Equity is recommending a new proactive federal law for public and private sector workers. “We are very pleased with the Committee’s report – It’s Time to Act  recommending the government accept the overall direction of the 2004 Federal Pay Equity Task Force report and adopt the majority of its recommendations,” said PSAC national president Robyn Benson.
June 10, 2016
Thousands of PSAC members across Canada working for Treasury Board, Parks Canada, Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency sent a clear message to the federal government
June 9, 2016
In the face of a looming court date, the Liberal government has finally set in place interim measures to suspend application of unconstitutional legislation to current collective agreement talks.
June 8, 2016
PSAC members who work within Treasury Board, Parks Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are taking part in actions all across Canada today.
June 7, 2016
This is a final call out to encourage all PSAC members who work within Treasury Board, at Parks Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Canada Revenue Agency to join whatever action your locals are organizing on June 8 to support our bargaining teams
June 2, 2016
People with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can suffer debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to chemicals in the environment that have no effect on most people. The video explains what MCS is, its impact on workers with MCS and the employer’s duty to accommodate.