Social Justice Fund

The labour movement has an important role in fighting the social and economic inequities that impact the lives of workers and people in Canada and around the world. The Social Justice Fund is one of PSAC’s contributions to that struggle.

The promotion of the right to decent work, quality public services, human rights and equity are cornerstones of the PSAC Social Justice Fund. Through education, mobilization and empowerment, PSAC's Social Justice Fund works to advance the role of our members in building more equitable and sustainable communities in Canada and the around the world.

PSAC has set up a labour fund to house the work in social justice at home and around the world
The SJF promotes initiatives that aim to eliminate poverty in Canada by supporting advocacy for progressive public policy and social change.
The SJF provides humanitarian assistance to communities affected by disasters in Canada and around the world.
International labour development focuses on advancing the rights of workers and their unions in the developing world.
Worker-to-worker exchanges
Worker exchanges are a powerful tool to help unions build solidarity between workers in the North and South.
Worker education
Worker education focuses on globalization and social justice, its impacts, and what actions can be taken.
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Your contribution will help to raise funds and consciousness for social justice projects in Mayan communities.  All proceeds are designated for the housing program, paying the salary of a full-time school teacher, improving access to potable water and food sovereignty for the population.