Our Victories

For more than half a century, the Public Service Alliance of Canada has stood tall for the protection and advancement of its members. From the early days of collective bargaining to the ongoing defense of workers’ rights, PSAC members have worked side by side to ensure we're all entitled to a fair and safe workplace.

We've been nurturing labour standards since the 1960s, growing precedents for equality and worker protection laws that have raised the bar for millions of Canadians. We didn't just do it for us; we did it for everyone.

We were one of the first unions to negotiate paid maternity leave, launching a decades-long effort that brought about the parental benefits nearly all Canadian workers enjoy today. We were the first union to get benefits for same-sex couples recognized, and collective agreements paving the way for equal treatment a decade before the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Canada.

We won the right for our disabled members to receive life insurance coverage and continue to fight for the rights of people with disabilities.

PSAC also triumphed in a 15-year battle with the Government of Canada, correcting pay equity issues for 50,000 federal clerks, ultimately resulting in retroactive pay awarded to 320,000 workers.

These were gains for all Canadians, and we score victories for our members every day. From job security to work-life balance, retirement security and fair wages, PSAC works tirelessly to keep you healthy and happy in your job and to defend equal rights and public services for all.

There is always a storm to be weathered; anti-labour forces want to erode our basic rights, public services, paid sick leave, child care, and even health and safety standards. Rooted in nearly five decades of solidarity, the PSAC will always rise to meet these challenges whatever the winds may bring.

The PSAC represents more than 170,000 workers across Canada and around the world. Are you one of them? Get involved with your Local.

The PSAC and you. We get there, together.

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