PSAC Anti-Racism Action Plan

PSAC’s anti-racism work is about undoing the legacies of white supremacy, slavery, residential schools, and unchecked systemic racism that continues to harm Indigenous, Black, Asian, and racialized communities.  

To keep members informed, we’ve launched this hub for updates, information, and resources about PSAC’s anti-racism work. 

There is an underrepresentation of Indigenous, Black, Asian, and other racialized members in all areas of the union, including in leadership roles. To address this, PSAC’s National Board of Directors adopted the development of an Anti-Racism Action Plan, with five clear objectives: 

  • To raise awareness and provide tools for leaders, union representatives and all members to become anti-racist activists;      
  • To increase the participation and engagement of Indigenous, Black, Asian and racialized members at all levels – local, component, region and national;     
  • To ensure representation through available recourse processes have an Indigenous, Black, Asian and anti-racism lens;     
  • To meaningfully engage and support community organizations and initiatives fighting racism that impacts Indigenous, Black, Asian and racialized communities; and, 
  • To develop and undertake political campaigns rooted in anti-racism with Indigenous, Black, and Asian lenses. 
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