Since the Phoenix pay system was launched in 2016, tens of thousands of PSAC members have faced countless pay problems and endless frustration. The federal government hasn’t had a single pay period where it was able to pay federal public service workers accurately or on time.  

The pay issues that started seven years ago with massive financial losses for our members have continued, with constant pay shortfalls and errors causing stress and anxiety paycheque after paycheque. From overpayments and underpayments to missed paycheques, delayed retirement severance and botched pay grades, more than half of all federal public service workers have suffered  pay issues – and the pay disaster is far from over.    

That’s why we continue to advocate for our members who’ve been impacted by Phoenix and are fighting for additional Phoenix damages compensation for workers. 

Every day, PSAC members, retirees and former members come to our Phoenix team for help with their pay issues when they have nowhere else to turn. PSAC has been helping federal public service workers navigate the broken pay system since it was launched, and they’ve seen it all.  

Our team is proud of the support we provide, and we stay in touch with you until your pay issues are resolved. 

If you need help with a pay issue, want to know more about what compensation you’re entitled to want to know more about our ongoing work pushing the government to fix the Phoenix nightmare, reach out to our Phoenix team and browse our resources below.  

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Overpayment recovery FAQ 
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