University sector

April 14, 2023
The federal government’s budget for 2023 has little to offer PSAC members who work in the post-secondary sector.
December 20, 2022
The government’s legislation to implement their fall economic statement contains welcome measures to provide financial relief to post-secondary students and to begin addressing Canada’s housing crisis. But PSAC emphasized these issues require more extensive federal action, in a submission to the Senate National Finance Committee study on Bill C-32, the 2022 Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act.  
October 13, 2021
Post-doctoral scholars from PSAC locals across Canada came together to share why unions are so important for workers in the post-secondary education sector.
September 1, 2021
Elections Canada has no plans for on-campus voting this election, affecting thousands of workers and students who work and live on campus.
May 7, 2021
The Quebec Superior Court has recently ruled on Bill 21, the Act respecting the laicity (secularism) of the State. Bill 21 bans public school teachers, judges, police officers and other public service workers from wearing religious symbols – like the hijab, kippah and turban – while at work. PSAC was an intervening party in this dispute, one of two unions to join the legal challenge.
March 30, 2021
In a historic win, PSAC has brought an end to sky-high tuition fees for its international PhD members at Queen’s University. Recently, the university announced that all PSAC members will pay the same PhD tuition, regardless of their immigration status, starting September 2021. This decision comes as a result of a two-year long, student-led campaign and advocacy by PSAC Local 901 members.
March 12, 2021
Federal and provincial governments need to step up to fix serious issues in post-secondary education (PSE), says a new report by the Education For All coalition representing over one million students and workers. In a report released last month, the coalition outlines significant challenges facing the sector and lays out a comprehensive pl
February 11, 2021
After a thorough investigation, the CNESST (commission on workplace standards, fairness, health and safety) has found that Université Laval’s postdoctoral fellows are employees as defined in the Pay Equity Act and are thus entitled to a pay equity program and all related benefits, on the following grounds: 
January 27, 2021
Last week saw the launch of the new Education for All coalition campaign. PSAC is a founding member of this coalition that brings together post-secondary workers and students with the goal to mobilize our combined memberships towards an affordable, high quality, publicly funded post-secondary education system.