PSAC demands Chief Electoral Officer reinstate campus polling stations

30,000 PSAC post-secondary members will be expecting to vote on campus this federal election, as they have in the past. PSAC has learned that Elections Canada has no plans for on-campus voting this election, affecting thousands of workers and students who work and live on campus.

This week, PSAC National President, Chris Aylward, wrote to the Chief Electoral Officer, Stéphane Perrault, to insist that he reinstate voting options on campuses across the country. Increasing barriers to voter turnout, in the middle of the fourth wave of an ongoing pandemic, is irresponsible and anti-democratic. It reduces accessible voting options and creates inconsistency and distrust in the entire electoral process.   

Promoting democracy, ensuring increased voter turnout while supporting young voters to participate in the democratic process have always been essential principles for a fair and representative election. We expect Elections Canada to uphold these standards, especially when COVID-19 has created an additional obstacle for voters to reach polling stations.

For now, on-campus members can find out ways to vote here. More information will be provided as the situation evolves.  


September 1, 2021