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March 7, 2017
The Centre of Expertise’s web presence aims to facilitate easy access to resources and tools for organizations, managers and employees. 
February 2, 2017
Mid 1970s Canada’s major unions, including the Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and others begin their work on workplace equality through Affirmative Action.....
February 2, 2017
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December 8, 2016
December 10 is Human Rights Day – an opportunity to reflect on the status of human rights in Canada and abroad. Although much has been accomplished, much more work still needs to be done. PSAC is committed to continuing our work regarding human rights in the workplace, in our communities, and around the world. We are calling on the Government of Canada to take immediate action regarding specific issues that are impeding women’s equality and justice for Indigenous peoples.
November 17, 2016
On November 20, Trans Day of Remembrance, we commemorate the transgender people we have lost and honour those who continue to endure violence, hatred and discrimination in our communities and in our workplaces.
June 16, 2016
It covers employer and employee obligations toward ensuring a work environment that is both inclusive and discrimination-free.
June 16, 2016
Everyone in Canada is legally entitled to a work environment that is both inclusive and discrimination-free. That includes you. This short video aims to raise awareness about the duty to accommodate. Accommodation means reviewing and revising rules, policies, practices or standards to incorporate alternative arrangements that eliminate discriminatory barriers. The video also covers employer and employee positive obligations toward maintaining an inclusive and discrimination-free  work environment.
May 9, 2016
THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF RESOLUTIONS IS June 10, 2016, 4:00p.m. EST Preparations for the 2016 PSAC National Health and Safety Conference, to be held in Montréal from November 18 to 20, 2016, are well underway. The resolutions should be aimed at strengthening and improving the Union’s work on health and safety issues and at advancing our objectives. Resolutions will be discussed, debated and voted on at the Conference and then subsequently submitted to the appropriate bodies including the next PSAC Triennial Convention in 2018.
May 9, 2016
REGISTRATION DEADLINE (for both delegates and observers): Friday, June 10, 2016 4:00 p.m. EST RESOLUTIONS SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, June 10, 2016 4:00 p.m. EST CONFERENCE DATES: November 18 to 20, 2016 CONFERENCE LOCATION: Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel, 1201 René-Lévesque Blvd., West, Montréal, Québec Interpretation will be provided in English, French, Inuktitut
March 17, 2016
In 1966, the United Nations proclaimed March 21st as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.