Coughlin - PSAC Group Life Insurance Plan

This voluntary group life insurance plan, sponsored by the Public Service Alliance of Canada for our members and their immediate families, provides life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance according to their needs.

Many members have taken advantage of the free $5000.00 coverage, others have bought more. Check with Coughlin and Associates at the address below.

Coverage for you and your immediate family will be free if all of the following conditions apply:

  • you are currently covered under the PSAC group life insurance plan;
  • you become disabled before you turn 65; and
  • you remain disabled for at least nine consecutive months.

You can’t apply until after you have been disabled for at least nine consecutive months. But don’t wait too long—you only have 27 months after that to apply.

For information, contact

Coughlin & Associates
Coughlin and Associates
PSAC Insurance Trust
PO Box 3518, Station C,
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4H5



November 12, 2015