June 24

Négos du groupe FB : des pensions et des salaires stagnants, non merci

Toutefois, nous avons été clairs : le Conseil du Trésor et l’ASFC doivent s’engager par écrit à mettre en place un régime de retraite semblable à ceux des autres organismes d’exécution de la loi.

June 24

Négos du groupe PA : Optimisme de courte durée

Quelle déception! D’entrée de jeu, l’employeur a déclaré qu’il était prêt à faire quelques pas à condition que nous retirions plusieurs de nos revendications.

June 24

PSAC members demand fair working conditions in bargaining sessions with Treasury Board

After more than two years at the table and little progress, bargaining team members urged Treasury Board to offer “real change” that respects the value of the public services provided by PSAC members.

June 24

TC bargaining update: Investing in workers means closing the wage gap

A centrepiece of this bargaining session was the presentation of our comprehensive wage demands to the employer’s bargaining team. This demand addresses the long-standing wage disparities experienced by TC members and closes this salary gap.

June 24

FB bargaining update: pushing for action on pensions and wages

Our team made our union’s position clear – we seek a written commitment from both Treasury Board and the CBSA supporting the introduction of a retirement plan that is consistent with what is in place at other law enforcement agencies.

June 24

EB bargaining: Demanding fair market adjustments

Our EB bargaining team met with the employer four times over the past week and a half, with discussions centering on our pay proposal, sick leave, workforce adjustment and other outstanding proposals.

PSAC pay proposal

We tabled proposals for a variety of fair-market adjustments to our members’ wages to address longstanding wage gaps. In addition, we also proposed four new allowances and an improvement to an existing allowance.

June 24

PA bargaining: Optimism quickly fades

Any optimism we had was dashed almost immediately by the employer’s opening statement that they were willing to make some minor movements only on the condition that the union remove a significant number of our demands from the table. 

June 24

SV bargaining team waiting for response from Treasury Board on Pay Study

The SV bargaining team met with Treasury Board for four days this week. Although there was movement on some issues, the employer’s position has not changed on any of the important ones.

Workforce adjustment

Treasury Board held to its position that the Workforce Adjustment Appendix does not require any changes. We strongly disagree, given the stress and turmoil that so many PSAC members faced during a four-year period of public sector cuts and layoffs.

June 21

L’AFPC présente une revendication sur les services de garde

À l’heure actuelle, au moins deux garderies établies dans un immeuble fédéral risquent de fermer leurs portes.

June 21

PSAC tables demand on child care

The threatened closure of at least two child care centres located in federal buildings and serving public service employees as well as other families put a spotlight on PSAC’s child care bargaining demand.


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