Building an anti-racist union

Systemic racial inequities persist in our society and there is no question that many of our institutions, including the Public Service Alliance of Canada, are built on systems that are inherently racist. PSAC has long been a leader in the Canadian labour movement in protecting the rights of its members and creating spaces for equity groups.  

Uprooting and dismantling racist structures should be everyone’s fight and so we will be continuing to work hard over the next coming months to implement a PSAC Anti-Racism Action Plan (The Plan). The Plan will review how the union serves, mobilizes, engages and represents our Black, Indigenous, Asian and racialized members. It will be crucial in our fight against systemic and institutionalized racism.  

The pandemic has exacerbated the inequities that have existed in our society for centuries. However, it has also provided an opportunity for us to look internally and be accountableto you, our members.  

Over the coming months we will roll out this plan, which will include opportunities for you to participate through education sessions/workshops, a dedicated membership survey, focus groups, telephone townhalls, discussions and more. Together, we will dismantle systemic oppression, and build an inclusive, anti-racist union where all our members thrive.

Sharon DeSousa
National Executive Vice-President

May 21, 2021