PA PIC report: Recommendations a step forward but fall short of inflation 

The Public Interest Commission (PIC) report for the PA and Common Issues tables offers a pathway to make gains for workers, but still falls short of PSAC’s demands to reach a fair contract that keeps up with the rising cost of living.  

One of the takeaways from the Commission’s report – issued February 17 – was its recommendation to provide more than 120,000 PSAC federal public service workers in the PA, SV, TC and EB groups with general economic increases of 9% over three years, totalling 1.5% in 2021, 4.5% in 2022 and 3% in 2023.  

While this represents progress over the employer's current wage offer averaging 2.06% per year for workers, the Commission’s recommendations do not meet our objective of reaching an agreement that keeps pace with inflation. 

Read the PA PIC report 

The report also provided some guidance on our other key issues, including more inclusive workplaces, better work-life balance, and good, secure jobs.   

The Commission recommended giving employees a say in their remote work arrangements, expanding anti-harassment language to include other forms of discriminatory harassment and violence, and adding hybrid or remote options to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix (WFA).   

The Commission’s recommendations are non-binding and are meant to guide PSAC and the government to reach a settlement. 

It’s clear we’ll need to continue to pressure this government to return to the table in April with a new mandate that provides fair wages in line with soaring inflation and better working conditions for PSAC members. 

The only way we’ll achieve that is by taking a stand together and showing this government we’re prepared to take strike action to make sure workers don’t continue to fall behind. 

It’s time to take action. Make sure you’re registered for strike votes taking place across the country from February 22 to April 19.  



February 17, 2023