Negotiations set to resume with federal government as strike votes continue

As strike votes continue for more than 120,000 federal public service workers across the country, PSAC and the federal government have agreed to resume negotiations with the assistance of a third-party mediator to reach a fair contract for workers. The Common Issues bargaining team will continue talks April 2-6, followed by the PA, SV, TC, EB teams April 11-14. 

“For nearly two years, the government has dragged their feet and refused to sit down and meaningfully negotiate,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward. “That's why we declared impasse at the table and launched strike votes – to give workers the power to put pressure on this government to reach a fair contract.” 

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PSAC launched strike votes in January after the government stalled talks for more than 18 months, and refused to negotiate decent wages that keep up with the rising cost of living and address other key issues, including better work-life balance, good, secure jobs and more inclusive workplaces. 

Already, 30,000 PSAC members have registered for strike votes that are being held from February 22 to April 11.  

“We expect Treasury Board to come back to the bargaining table with a real mandate that makes sure workers don’t continue to fall behind,” said Aylward. “There’s no doubt our goal is to reach a fair contract at the bargaining table, but this government has made it clear the way we’ll reach an agreement that supports workers is with a strong strike mandate from our members.” 



February 10, 2023