PA bargaining: Treasury Board stalls talks

Treasury Board continued to delay negotiations with the Program and Administrative Services bargaining team during negotiations March 22-24.

The PA team provided Treasury Board with a trimmed proposal package in February to try and move bargaining forward, but Treasury Board was unwilling to commit to any proposals.

PSAC expects Treasury Board to put forward their wage proposal at the Common Issues table during negotiations March 29-31. 

We put forward our wage proposal of 4.5 per cent per year for all Treasury Board members at the Common Issues table last November. The PA pay proposal submitted in February builds on the Common Issues proposals, calling for additional adjustments and allowances for specific classifications within the PA group.

Common Issues

PSAC's Common Issues bargaining team met with Treasury Board in February to discuss issues that impact members from every table, including work-life balance, wages, and new memorandums of understanding. Check out the full Common Issues update for more information. 

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March 31, 2022