Technical Services – TC Group

The Technical Services group covers 10,532 members under the following classifications: Drafting and Illustration (DD), Engineering and Scientific Support (EG), General Technical (GT), Photography (PY), Primary Products Inspection (PI) and Technical Inspection (TI).

TC bargaining team

PSAC staff: Negotiator Seth Sazant, Research Officer Silja Freitag and National Executive Vice-President Sharon DeSousa.

Members: Justin Cooke, Richard Dollimount, Scott Hodge, Karen Houlahan, Jimmy Mailhot, Leanne Moss, Sheri Parent, Danielle Poissant, Aaron Swerdlyk

Collective agreement

Collective agreement: Technical Services collective agreement

Expiry date: June 21, 2021

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Common issues for PA, TC, SV & EB groups
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