Program and Administrative Services – PA group

The PA Group includes over 91,000 employees responsible for program administration, information services, communications, secretarial services, office equipment, administrative services, welfare programs, clerical functions and data processing.

PA bargaining team

PSAC staff: Martin Rioux, negotiator; Elanor Sherlock, research officer; Marianne Hladun, Prairies Regional Executvie Vice-President.

Members: Samantha Basha, Sargy Chima, D’Arcy Gauthier, Charito Humphreys, Sherry Hunt, Gilbert Legault, Troy MacDonnell, Frédéric Prigot, Rosemarie Smith-Gimblett, Leann Wheeler

Collective agreement

Collective agreement: Program and Administrative Services – PA Group

Expiry date: June 20, 2021

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Common issues for PA, TC, SV & EB groups
Common issues for PA, TC, SV & EB groups