May 2

Green light given for major campaign to address precarious work

A growing number of our members are employed in atypical and precarious jobs that lack stability, regular scheduling, and provide substandard or no benefits and pensions.

Delegates mandated PSAC to launch a campaign that will

May 2

Delegates adopt action plan to address Phoenix pay system

PSAC’s convention unanimously delivered a strong message to the federal government: it must be held accountable for the profound and unacceptable injustices its employees have been subjected to as a result of the Phoenix pay system.

Delegates spoke of the personal hardships they have suffered and the impact on the members who are working to provide accurate pay using a broken system.

The policy statement reinforces PSAC’s commitment to

May 1

Débat sur la modification des Statuts

Les congressistes ont discuté des modifications proposées aux Statuts de l’AFPC, un document qui régit le fonctionnement du syndicat. Voici les changements adoptés :

May 1

Convention debates constitutional changes

Delegates focused their attention on proposed changes to PSAC’s Constitution which governs the overall functioning of the union. The following amendments were made:

May 1

Les politiques d’austérité, ennemies de l’égalité des chances

La chroniqueuse du Devoir, Aurélie Lanctôt, a pris la parole devant le congrès pour parler de l’impact des politiques néolibérales du gouvernement sur l’égalité des sexes.

May 1

Un budget axé sur l’amélioration des programmes et des services

Par une écrasante majorité, les congressistes de l’AFPC ont adopté le budget 2019-2021. Le Comité des finances du Congrès avait par ailleurs présenté une recommandation d’adoption unanime.

« Ce budget s’inscrit dans l’objectif du syndicat de passer du mode réactif au mode proactif, » a déclaré Chris Aylward, vice-président exécutif national. « Nous pouvons maintenant bâtir notre syndicat et bâtir notre avenir. »

May 1

PSAC budget strengthens programs and services

Convention delegates voted overwhelmingly to adopt the union’s 2019-2021 budget. The budget had been recommended unanimously by the convention’s finance committee.

“This budget contributes to our union’s goal to shift from reactive to proactive mode,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC National Executive Vice-President. “We are now able to build our union and build our future.”

May 1

Austerity sabotages the principle of equal opportunity

Aurélie Lanctôt, columnist at Le Devoir, addressed convention delegates about the impact of neoliberal government policy on gender equality.

Taking the example of the Quebec Liberal government’s austerity agenda, Lanctôt explained how major cutbacks in the health and social services sector have imposed an unsustainable burden on both those who provide and those who use the services, the majority of whom are women. A study by the IRIS institute has determined that a $7B gap was created between men and women due to government austerity measures alone.

May 1

Déclaration de l’AFPC à l’occasion de la Journée internationale des travailleurs 2018

Aucun des droits dont nous jouissons aujourd’hui n’a été présenté aux travailleuses et aux travailleurs sur un plateau d’argent. Nous et nos prédécesseurs les avons obtenus de haute lutte.

May 1

PSAC May Day statement 2018

All the rights we cherish today were not handed over to workers willingly. We, and the workers before us, had to fight for them every step of the way.


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