April 11

Federal budget 2016: Investments to improve Canada Revenue Agency services, but no information about staffing

The federal budget proposes to increase service delivery at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by investing $185.8 million over five years, starting in 2016–17, and $14.6 million on an ongoing basis.

Although this investment is promising, the budget does not provide details about how frontline service delivery will be improved and what resources will be allocated to boost staffing following the Conservative cuts.

April 11

CETA: a terrible deal for Canadians

Canadian unions affiliated to Public Services International, the global union that represents 20 million public sector workers world-wide, say their strong objection to the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) stands despite recent backroom changes to the investment provisions in the trade deal.

CETA was a key agenda item at the recent meeting of the North American PSI affiliates, hosted by the PSAC  March 3- 4 in Ottawa.

April 8

L’AFPC applaudit à l’interdiction de l’amiante imposée par Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada

L’AFPC, en collaboration avec d’autres syndicats, fait campagne depuis des années pour bannir l’amiante au Canada.

April 8

PSAC applauds asbestos ban at Public Services and Procurement Canada

This comes after years of advocacy by PSAC and other unions. 

April 5

Travaux publics doit retarder la mise en œuvre du système de paye Phénix

Nos membres sont aux prises avec de nombreux problèmes depuis que s’est amorcée la mise en œuvre de Phénix, le nouveau système du Centre des services de paye de la fonction publique.

April 5

Public Works needs to slow down implementation of Phoenix pay system

For some time now, and since the new pay system Phoenix was launched at the Public Works Pay Centre, we have been hearing from our members of numerous problems and concerns.

March 30

Budget fédéral 2016 : trop peu pour les peuples autochtones

Le gouvernement libéral doit offrir davantage que ce qu’il propose dans son budget 2016.

March 30

Budget 2016: doesn’t do enough to reconcile with Indigenous peoples

To make a significant impact in the day to day lives of people living on reserve, the Liberal government must do far better than what is offered in Budget 2016.

March 30

Budget fédéral 2016 : Réinvestissons dans les gens au cœur des services

L’Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada (AFPC) se réjouit que le gouvernement libéral mette fin à l’austérité, du moins pour l’instant, et investisse dans le bien-être des Canadiennes et des Canadiens.

March 30

Budget 2016: It’s time to reinvest in the people delivering public services

The Public Service Alliance of Canada welcomes the new government’s move away from austerity and its commitment to invest to improve the lives of Canadians, at least in the immediate future.


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