Violence and harassment tool kit

The violence and harassment toolkit was created by the Public Service Alliance of Canada to deal effectively with individual and institutional workplace violence and harassment by preventing incidents, responding effectively, and supporting affected employees. 

Any action, conduct, threat or gesture that causes harm, injury or illness could be workplace violence or harassment. And it can have serious physical and psychological consequences to a person’s health. 

Workplace violence and harassment is a health and safety issue. In some cases, it may also be a human rights violation or a crime. If the harassment is based on one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination or harassment under the Canadian Human Rights Act or other applicable human rights legislation, it is a human rights issue. You may have recourse under your collective agreement and/or human rights legislation. Please see your steward for further information on these processes. You can reach out to your component or regional office for details. 

In this toolkit, you will find more information on the health and safety aspects of workplace violence and harassment. 

Download the toolkit


Stop hand
What is workplace violence and harassment?
Can work be safe when home isn’t?
Heart in a hand
Steps for locals to prevent, respond and support
Understanding violence and harassment
Important definitions you must know
Definitions under different laws and regulations
Thumbs up and down
Strengths and weaknesses of federal formal harassment recourse processes
Domestic and family violence tool from the National Joint Council