Union members that stick together, win together

Over the next few weeks, we could be headed towards a national strike for more than 155,000 federal public service workers. As strike votes wrap up on April 7 for  Canada Revenue Agency members and April 11 for Treasury Board members, it’s important to know what that means for federal public service workers.  

In the event of a strike, all members in the PA, SV, TC and EB groups and working at Canada Revenue Agency will be required to take strike action and attend a picket line, whether you work in the office or remotely – except a small percentage of workers who’ve already received letters deeming their position essential. 

Here's why it’s imperative that we all show solidarity with one another and do not cross a picket line: 

  • This is a truly historic moment for workers. Together, we wield incredible power and can shut the government down to secure a fair contract.  

  • A strike by PSAC would be one of the largest strikes in Canada’s history, and mean real gains for our members at the table;  

  • When we work together, we apply maximum pressure on the government, which can lead to a shorter strike and a better collective agreement for workers.  

  • When we’re divided, we show the employer we aren’t prepared to fight for decent wages and better working conditions.  

We are aware that some departments and managers are sharing information that encourages PSAC members to continue working in the event of a strike. This is a union-busting tactic that aims to undermine our efforts to secure a fair agreement for all workers — including wages that keep up with the rising cost of living and don’t force you to take a pay cut. 

Any member who works during a strike, including working remotely, betrays the entire bargaining unit. Crossing a picket line, whether in person or remotely, weakens our bargaining position and can cause the strike to last longer or result in a deal that’s less than workers deserve. It could also have long-term impacts on the working relationships between the coworkers who held the line and made sacrifices to get a good deal for everyone, and those who sided with the employer.  

Members who cross the picket line by performing work for the employer could face fines and suspension of membership privileges.  

If your manager is encouraging you to cross the picket line, notify your union steward, local executive, or PSAC regional office immediately. 

As a union, we are committed to protecting the rights of our members, and ensuring your voices are heard and your demands are met. But the union is only as strong as the solidarity of the members. If we stick together, we can secure a historic victory for all PSAC members.   



April 11, 2023