TC bargaining: Treasury Board refuses to address wages as cost of living rises

PSAC is gearing up to mobilize TC members and put pressure on Treasury Board after they refused to respond to the TC team’s wage proposals at the table January 24-27. The team presented their comprehensive wage proposals in November – three months ago – but Treasury Board continues to stall negotiations by coming to the table completely empty-handed.

Their delaying tactics are unacceptable, and an insult to TC members who continue to be on the frontlines of the pandemic serving Canadians. Meanwhile, the cost of living is rising quickly, existing wage gaps must be closed, and TC members deserve wages that keep up with skyrocketing inflation. Every time Treasury Board delays negotiations, our members fall further behind.

The TC group came to the table ready to bargain and had done substantial preparation work, with a comprehensive wage proposal along with other clear demands. Yet, Treasury Board refused to even give feedback on any of PSAC’s wage proposals. 
The TC bargaining team returns to the bargaining table on March 22-24, 2022 and PSAC has made it clear we expect Treasury Board to come to the table with a proposal that ensures wages keep up with the rising cost of living.

See PSAC’s final wage proposal here

In addition to PSAC’s wage proposals, the bargaining team is proposing several other important gains for members, including protections for hours of work, improvements to overtime, and fixing the long-broken classification system through the Occupational Group Structure review.  

Show your support 

Join us for a national panel on remote work and work-life balance, February 24 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST.

Your support is critical to our success at the table. Before the TC team heads back to the table in March, expect to hear from us about how you can get engaged and put pressure on the employer to come to the table ready to negotiate fair wages and working conditions for our members. 

In the meantime, support your bargaining team with our digital backgrounds and talk to your coworkers about bargaining with the tools in our bargaining toolkit:

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January 28, 2022