TC bargaining: Negotiations nearing tipping point

Talks are close to breaking off as Treasury Board yet again failed to address our key issues during negotiations with the Technical Services bargaining team May 10-12.

The government continues to stand by the insulting wage offer they presented at the Common Issues table in March, with economic increases averaging 1.7% per year that fall well below record-high inflation. As the price of food, gas and utilities climbs, the government expects our members to take a pay cut.

If that were not enough, Treasury Board also refused to make any substantial movement on allowances that would close wage gaps for many TC members who are falling even further behind. Some TC members are paid less than people doing similar work in the private sector; others are paid less than workers with comparable jobs in the federal government. This is unacceptable.

See a breakdown of PSAC’s TC wage proposal

The TC bargaining team has proposed several important gains for workers including protections for hours of work, improvements to overtime, and fixing the long-broken classification system through the Occupational Group Structure review. But Treasury Board has completely ignored our proposals.

Our bargaining team is committed to continue pushing for fair wages, a better classification system, and reasonable working conditions for all TC members.

Take action and show your support

Your support is more critical than ever to our success at the table. It is vital we show our collective power and call on the federal government to negotiate fair wages and working conditions.

Major bargaining dates with 120,000 PSAC members in the PA, SV and EB groups this month will set the tone for our path forward in negotiations. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Join our May 17 national panel for key updates from PSAC national leaders and to learn about strikes our members won during the pandemic.

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May 16, 2022