Common Issues

May 2, 2023
When returning to work after the Treasury Board strike ended on Monday, May 1, some PSAC members may have started later than their usual scheduled start time and some managers have raised this issue with them.
May 1, 2023
After nearly two years of bargaining leading to one of the largest strikes in Canadian history, PSAC has reached tentative agreements for the more than 120,000 Treasury Board workers who deliver critical services to Canadians.  
April 30, 2023
As we reported Friday, negotiations for PSAC’s Treasury Board bargaining units resumed and carried on into the weekend. Our bargaining teams negotiated late into Saturday evening and have continued Sunday.   Talks are also ongoing with Canada Revenue Agency.   Over the weekend, we have made some progress on our wage demands and job security.  
April 24, 2023
It's clear the Liberal government is feeling the pressure as we escalate our strike actions across the country. But we've been clear – the offer the government has on the table simply doesn’t cut it. And while we’ve had our sleeves rolled up for the past two years and have been ready to negotiate day and night to reach a fair deal, this government has consistently dragged out negotiations and tried to nickel and dime Canada’s workers. 
April 23, 2023
PSAC National President Chris Aylward delivered the following message to members of the Treasury Board and CRA bargaining teams  Friends,  You may have seen the headlines this weekend – things didn’t get off to a great start.  
April 17, 2023
More than 155,000 PSAC members working for Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency will begin strike action on April 19 if a deal cannot be reached by 9 p.m. ET April 18 – setting the stage for one of the largest strikes in Canada’s history.
April 14, 2023
Over the past two weeks our bargaining teams have been back at the table with the assistance of third-party mediators to secure a fair contract for workers.
February 17, 2023
The Public Interest Commission (PIC) report for the PA and Common Issues tables offers a pathway to make gains for workers, but still falls short of PSAC’s demands to reach a fair contract that keeps up with the rising cost of living.  
February 10, 2023
As strike votes continue for more than 120,000 federal public service workers across the country, PSAC and the federal government have agreed to resume negotiations with the assistance of a third-party mediator to reach a fair contract for workers. The Common Issues bargaining team will continue talks April 2-6, followed by the PA, SV, TC, EB teams April 11-14. 
January 30, 2023
PSAC is filing policy grievances against Treasury Board and agencies for unilaterally imposing changes to our members’ working conditions while we’re in negotiations for 165,000 federal public service workers.