SV bargaining: Team discusses leave, travel time and health and safety

The Operational Services (SV) team pushed for several improvements to health and safety and working conditions for ship’s crew and lightkeepers during talks with Treasury Board on October 26-28.  

PSAC's common issues bargaining team also met with Treasury Board to discuss the major issues that impact members from every table – including wages, remote work, anti-racism and the right to disconnect. Check out the full common issues update for more information. 

For the SV group, the team proposed several improvements including: 

Ship’s crew: 

  • Reimbursing parking costs paid by employees while performing their duties at sea; 

  • The expansion of paid leave for family-related responsibilities by making sure no more than eight hours are deducted from leave credits if a member has to take leave for their entire shift; 

  • On days where a crew change coincides with a designated paid holiday listed, both incoming and outgoing crews should be paid double time for all hours worked. 

  • Sailing time: a sailing lay-day on-cycle should be no longer than 28 days.  


  • Two days of travel time with pay for the journey out from and returning to the light station; 

  •  Clear timelines for when the employer must respond to an employee's vacation leave request. 

All members: 

  • Increase health and safety of members by providing access to immunization and prescription medication against diseases that employees may be exposed to in the workplace. This must be provided at no additional cost to the employee. 

Remote work 

Our bargaining team’s attention is focussed on issues that matter most to SV members,   but it’s clear the employer doesn’t seem to fully understand the nature of the work performed by our members. At the table, Treasury Board is pushing for concessions in exchange for the opportunity for our members to work remotely, even though these work arrangements are simply impossible for many SV members. We’ve advised the employer to come to the next round prepared to  address issues that are unique to the SV group. 

The SV bargaining team returns to the table January 18-20, 2022. 

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November 19, 2021