Staff of the Non-Public Funds: Second week of civilian military staff strike kicks off with fervor  

Staff of the Non-Public Funds – members of a separate agency in the federal public service – kicked off the second week on strike with a demonstration at the Department of National Defence Carling campus in Ottawa with a strong show of support from members of the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE), civilian workers at the Department of National Defence. PSAC represents close to 20,000 UNDE members.

“We are public service workers on strike with a clear demand: to be paid as federal public service workers. We do the same jobs as workers in the core public service but at best wages are only 5% lower and at worst, they are 60% lower. This isn’t right and that’s why we’re out here on the picket lines,” says Cathy O’Kane, Vice President for NPF with UNDE.

The employer continues to drag their feet on key issues affecting 500+ members on picket lines in Bagotville, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Petawawa, St. Jean, and Valcartier: wages on par with the core public service and equivalent wages for the same work, fair and equitable economic increases, and job security.  
To demonstrate discrepancies between wages for NPF versus jobs in the rest of the federal public service:  

  • Fitness and Sport Instructors at CFB Bagotville make 62% less,  
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerks in Petawawa make 54% less, and, 
  • Accounting clerks and administrative assistants in Ottawa make 23% less than workers in the core federal public service. 

We are fighting for equal pay across the different military bases: 

  • A Financial Services Assistant at CBF Valcartier makes almost $10 less per hour than a Financial Services Assistant working for NPF in Ottawa.  
  • NPF Accounting Clerks at CFB Valcartier make $21/hour, while workers doing the same job at CFB Trenton make $25/hour. That’s a 20% difference in pay for the same work. 
  • Sales Associates make between $17/hour and $21/hour doing the exact same job, depending on where they work. 

“The gains these workers are fighting for will have an impact on NPF members across the country and we are all behind them. We need to see the Minister of Defence Bill Blair take action for these members,” says PSAC National President Chris Aylward.

Take Action

Find local picket times and join members on the line in Bagotville, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Petawawa, St. Jean, and Valcartier. Contact your regional office for information on actions and events happening with your local. 
You can also support NPF members by sending a letter to Minister of Defence Bill Blair and CEO of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), Ian Poulter to push them to secure a fair contract for members.

Show your support

Show your support for members on the line with our virtual background, social media profile photo, and printable poster for your office.   



January 23, 2024