RCMP CM update: Townhall, survey, and next steps

PSAC and the Union of Safety and Justice Employees were pleased to see over 250 RCMP Civilian Members (CMs) participate in our recent survey and townhall meeting, and we heard you loud and clear – the majority of CMs want to maintain their current status and benefits when transitioning to the terms of the Treasury Board collective agreements.  

An overwhelming number of respondents indicated that safeguarding the current sick leave and vacation leave entitlements are of the upmost importance.

Several respondents also suggested that they desired increased career mobility within the rest of the federal public service.

Finally, the survey results show that CMs have ongoing concerns about Phoenix, an issue that PSAC continues to address and advocate for on behalf of our entire membership in the federal workforce.

PSAC remains committed to protecting your current CM entitlements while ensuring you have access to the same workplace protections contained within Treasury Board collective agreements.

We want to keep the conversation going and lines of communication open. All questions, concerns, and suggestions are welcome, and you can email the CM bargaining team at CM-INFO-MC@psac-afpc.com.

Next steps

The bargaining team is currently working on a response to the proposal put forward by Treasury Board at our last meeting. We are hopeful that both parties can find a path forward, and we are looking forward to meeting with the employer again in late summer or early fall.

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July 3, 2024