Negotiations continue for RCMP civilian members, dues collection to begin in April

After a pause due to the employer’s unwillingness to meaningfully negotiate, the bargaining team representing more than 700 RCMP civilian members met with Treasury Board and RCMP representatives February 7 to continue talks. 

The employer tabled a package that could provide a path forward to transition CMs into their respective PSAC collective agreements. However, while it was indicated that they are prepared to discuss vacation and sick leave provisions, these issues are still unresolved. 

Before we go further in the bargaining process, PSAC would like to consult with the RCMP CM community. We are preparing an online survey to be distributed to members soon to gather input.  

PSAC remains committed to addressing the differences between CMs’ terms and conditions of employment with the RCMP and those contained in the collective agreements of the federal public service. This includes protecting the current CM entitlements while ensuring members have access to the same workplace protections contained within Treasury Board collective agreements, including the grievance process.  

Until such time, civilian members can continue to rely on PSAC and the Union of Safety and Justice Employees (USJE) for representation under the RCMP Act.  

Dues collection begins in April

RCMP and Treasury Board have confirmed that union dues will begin to be deducted starting on April 3. Note that percentage rates are calculated against the first salary step in the classification, not members’ actual salary, and are not applied against overtime or bonuses. More information is available here.  

The bulk of PSAC dues are allocated to negotiate strong collective agreements, adjudicate grievances filed by members against their employers, and provide education courses on a wide range of topics for members. In addition, dues are spent on communication, political action (such as lobbying all levels of government for legislation that benefits workers) and organizing initiatives. 

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February 20, 2024