PSAC withdraws from federal telework meetings over lack of genuine consultation 

The Public Service Alliance of Canada’s National Board of Directors has made the decision to withdraw from the federal government’s meetings on the implementation of the Direction on prescribed presence in the workplace over a lack of real consultation and the government’s unilateral change to a three-day in-office mandate. 

“This entire process has been a sham and has exposed Treasury Board's disinterest in collaborative discussion,” said Sharon DeSousa, PSAC National President. “Their actions not only violate our agreement on telework but also show a disregard for our members' concerns.” 

PSAC has consistently emphasized the importance of recognizing how different policies affect one another, particularly how the Direction on prescribed presence in the workplace complicates the fair implementation of the Directive on Telework

The union attempted to engage with Treasury Board in meaningful consultation on the issue of telework, but we were met with resistance at every step. Each time PSAC asked the employer if changes were being planned to the Direction, we were misled. When the federal government announced its misguided mandate to force federal public workers into ill-equipped workspaces, it failed to consult with unions first. Once the mandate was announced, we insisted that the flawed Direction be paused and reviewed but the request was ignored. 

We remain committed to securing fair telework rights that promote a flexible, inclusive, and respectful workplace, and we are open to rejoining meetings when the employer demonstrates a sincere commitment to addressing our concerns. 

In the meantime, we’re continuing to work on creating joint panels in each federal department to review telework complaints. To date, PSAC and its components have established joint panels in some departments, including Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, Department of National Defence, and Canada Revenue Agency. 



July 4, 2024