PSAC members at Concordia University make big gains in first collective agreement

PSAC local Concordia Association of Research Employees (CARE) was awarded their first collective agreement through arbitration. 472 research associates, research assistants, professionals and technicians are now working under a contract ensuring substantial advances. 

One of the largest gains was a bump in salary for Concordia’s researchers. The lowest salary classification was moved from near minimum wage to over $21 an hour. In addition to a major wage increase, Concordia research employees now have access to a number of benefits and improved working conditions: 

  • four months of paid sick leave; 

  • 93% top-up to maternity, parental and paternity leave;  

  • extensive health and dental benefits; 

  • a pension and tuition waivers; 

  • paid marriage leave & moving leave;  

  • overtime meal and taxi allowances; 

  • travel reimbursements; 

  • 350 hours paid union leave;  

  • 175 hours paid contract negotiation leave; 

  • recall pay and severance pay. 

After a lengthy bargaining period with little progress, the contract was awarded by an arbitrator. The bargaining team met with the arbitrator and the employer for a total of 11 days. They were able to mediate an agreement on almost 40 outstanding issues including a last-minute agreement on wages.  

Although a number of gains were made in this collective agreement, the local sees this as just the beginning and they plan to push hard for further gains in the next round of bargaining. 

The new collective agreement is effective until May 31, 2022.  



August 4, 2020