PSAC files Labour Board complaint over flawed hybrid work plan 

The federal government’s blanket hybrid work plan tramples on workers’ collective bargaining rights and forces a flawed one-size-fits-all approach on a diverse and evolving public service.  

PSAC has filing a statutory freeze complaint against Treasury Board and agencies for unilaterally imposing changes to our members’ working conditions while we’re in negotiations for 165,000 federal public service workers. Making changes to working conditions while those very same issues are at the bargaining table is against the law. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll also provide guidelines to support members and PSAC components in filing grievances against the government once the policy comes into effect January 16. 

You can take action today by sending a clear message to decision-makers that we won’t settle for anything less than a contract that enshrines a fair process for remote work in our collective agreement and provides wages that keep up with the cost of living. 

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More than 80% of PSAC members surveyed oppose the government’s hybrid work plan and are prepared to take action – including taking strike action – to fight for better work-life balance, fair wages, protections against harassment and discrimination in the workplace and other top bargaining priorities. 

Strike votes next step for a fair contract 

We’ve seen nothing but disrespect from this government at the bargaining table, and Treasury Board’s senseless hybrid work policy adds insult to injury. It’s becoming clear holding strike votes to secure a strike mandate from PSAC members is the only way we’ll make real gains at the bargaining table. PSAC will be in touch with members in the new year to communicate next steps as we continue to escalate our pressure on the government. 

Take a few minutes to fill out our short survey to show your support for ramping up our mobilization activities across the country and, update your contact information to make sure you’re getting all the latest bargaining updates in your inbox or via text message.  




December 21, 2022