NPF strike continues after renewed talks fail to reach a deal 

After four days of renewed negotiations with the assistance of a mediator, PSAC-UNDE bargaining teams for striking NPF workers walked away from the table after the employer once again refused to budge on the critical issue of fair wages for our members who are the lowest-paid workers in the federal public service.

This employer’s complete disregard for the well-being and dignity of our members, not only prolongs the strike, but deepens the financial strain on more than 500 workers in Bagotville, Kingston, Ottawa, Petawawa, Montreal–St-Jean, and Valcartier.

We have no choice but to keep ramping up our actions to bring attention to this injustice.

Today, over 100 PSAC-UNDE members marched to the Office of the Prime Minister and Privy Council to call for a resolution to the ongoing strike. We will continue to take our message to decision-makers in Parliament until they intervene to mandate a return to the table with a fair offer.

Our bargaining teams are prepared to resume negotiations, but the employer must come back to the table with a new mandate that addresses our key issues.

NPF workers — and all workers — deserve fair wages, better job security, and equal pay for equal work.

Support NPF workers on the line  



February 23, 2024