Non-Public Funds: Bargaining reaches critical point as three units head to PIC together

Valcartier, Montréal and St. Jean, and Bagotville Non-Public Funds bargaining units in the Québec region will proceed to a Public Interest Commission (PIC) August 21-25. This is the first time that a PIC will hear three NPF bargaining units together. We expect that the outcome of these hearings to have a ripple effect on other NPF bargaining units.  

What we are fighting for 
For too long, NPF members have been denied decent wage increases and suffered from inconsistent pay grids across the country. Now more than ever we need to fight for fair wages, a better salary scale and good, secure jobs.  

Despite the critical work members take on for Canadian Forces personnel and their families, they are still some of the lowest paid workers in the federal public service, and we deserve better. 

What is a Public Interest Commission? 

After the Valcartier base declared impasse, the union and employer went as far as they could with no resolution in sight.  To move the bargaining process along, either side can apply for conciliation with a third party – a Public Interest Commission (PIC).  
The PIC is a panel of three people – a chairperson appointed by the Labour Board and nominees appointed by the union and management. Once the PIC is created, hearing dates are set where both parties give arguments in support of their positions. This process can take several months.   

Having more than one bargaining unit represented at a PIC is a unique opportunity for NPF members as there is more bargaining power to influence wages and working conditions for all units when more than one unit is involved.  

Upcoming PIC dates  

  • Valcartier, Montréal, St. Jean and Bagotville August 21-25 
  • Kingston August 29-30 
  • Gagetown to be determined 
  • Ottawa October, date to be determined  
  • Petawawa September 7-8 
  • Suffield to be determined  
  • Trenton notice to bargain has been sent  

Show your support  

Show your support and solidarity for NPF members across the country by downloading our electronic bargaining materials. Use the NPF video background during virtual meetings and update your profile photo on social media with this message to the employer from NPF.  

Next steps  

We will be ramping up mobilization efforts as we get closer to the August 21-25 PIC hearing dates. Keep your contact information updated to receive the latest news.  

Let’s show the government we will keep the pressure on as a united team for a fair deal. 



August 10, 2023