Non-Public Funds: Valcartier declares impasse, domino effect to be expected

After several months of negotiations without progress on our key demands, the PSAC bargaining team working for the Non-Public Funds (NPF) at the Valcartier military base decided to declare impasse.

This decision will surely have a domino effect on other NPF bargaining tables, as the employer’s offer is expected to be the same across the country.

“With the cost of living continuing to rise, our focus is on negotiating for fair wages, a simple salary scale and good, secure jobs,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC National President. “Unfortunately, all we’ve seen at the table is disrespect from the employer and a refusal to budge on wages.”

“Many of our members earn less than fast-food chain employees,” said Yvon Barrière, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-Quebec. “As a result, the employer is having trouble recruiting, which is affecting services provided to our military personnel and their families. This is totally unacceptable.”

Next steps

We are planning to ramp up our pressure to reach a fair settlement quickly.

To show the employer our resolve to maintain pressure as long as it will take, we are organizing a first national mobilization event with members from across the country on October 24, in Ottawa, in front of the office of the Department of National Defence.

We are counting on your support to defend your interests. We need to be prepared, get mobilized, stay engaged, and be ready to take action. Here are some suggestions to stay informed and engaged:


September 23, 2022