Negotiations set to resume with CRA as strike votes continue

As strike votes for more than 35,000 PSAC-UTE members working at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) near completion, PSAC-UTE and CRA have agreed to resume negotiations with the assistance of a third-party mediator to reach a fair contract for workers. Talks are scheduled for April 17-20. 

“The clock is ticking on a potential strike,” said Union of Taxation Employees National President Marc Brière. “Workers are telling the government loud and clear during strike votes they’re willing to fight for a fair contract that keeps up with rising costs and improves our workplaces.” 

Our bargaining team contacted CRA to resume negotiations as early as April 11, but the employer took the position that they wished to meet with the assistance of a mediator, who was not available until April 17. 

Our bargaining team made it clear we’re ready to negotiate – with or without a mediator – and expects CRA to come to the table prepared to address core issues including fair wages, telework and remote work, job security and work-life balance. 

PSAC-UTE launched strike votes in January after Canada Revenue Agency refused to respond to our wage proposals and continued to hold to major concessions at the bargaining table. 

Register to vote

Tens of thousands of PSAC-UTE members have registered for ongoing strike votes that end April 6.   

“The pressure our members continue to put on the employer is working.” said Mr. Brière. “There’s no doubt our goal is to reach a fair contract at the bargaining table, but CRA needs to come to the bargaining table ready to negotiate in a meaningful way, with a mandate that makes sure workers don’t continue to fall behind.”  



March 31, 2023