NAV CANADA: Registration open to cast your ratification votes!

Between February 20-March 3, PSAC-NAV CANADA members will have the opportunity to vote on the NAV CANADA tentative agreement reached with the employer due to the hard work and dedication of the NAV CANADA bargaining team and members across the country.  

From February 13 until March 3, registration for information sessions is available.  


See the full ratification package detailing all changes that were negotiated.
To be eligible to vote in the ratification portion of the vote, PSAC-NAV CANADA members need to: 

  • Ensure you sign a RAND card. You can do this by signing your union card electronically.  
  • Ensure you are a Member in Good Standing. If you are on an extended leave (parental, disability, etc.), you can request to maintain good status while on leave prior to the vote. 
  • If you do not sign a RAND card (or are not a Member in Good Standing) you will only be eligible to vote on the second question of the vote for strike action. 
  • Attend an information session. Under Regulation 15A of the PSAC Constitution, every member must attend a short information session to be eligible to vote.  

This ensures that you have the information you need to make an informed decision and provides an opportunity to ask questions. This attendance can be in person or virtually at one of the sessions below. 

After attending an information session, instructions are provided that explain how to vote. All votes will be cast electronically.  

You must have your attendance recorded at an information session in order to be eligible to vote.  

Information session dates and time zones are being held from February 20 to March 3. Registration opens at 8AM EST Monday, February 13 to attend an information session and to cast your vote. 


In-person sessions  

  • Edmonton, February 21 12PM MDT – English 
  • Toronto, February 21, 12PM EDT - English   
  • Vancouver, February 23 11:30AM PDT – English   
  • Moncton, February 23 9AM ADT – Bilingual 
  • Gander, February 24, 12PM NDT – English 
  • National Capital Region, February 24, 11:00AM EDT - Bilingual  
  • National Capital Region, February 24, 1:00PM EDT – Bilingual   
  • Montréal, March 2, 12:00PM EDT- French 
  • Winnipeg, March 2 12:00PM CDT - English 

National virtual sessions 

  • March 3 11AM EDT – French  
  • March 3 12:30PM EDT – English 

If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact your regional office. To ensure that you receive all updates and can participate in the ratification process, please ensure that your contact information is up to date. 



February 13, 2023