Federal government files complaint to deny workers fair contract 

The federal government’s move to file a bad faith bargaining complaint against PSAC is just another stalling tactic to deny workers a fair contract.  

More than 165,000 federal public service workers have been in ongoing negotiations with the government for more than 18 months and we’ve seen the government isn’t prepared to step up for our members when they need it most.  

Throughout bargaining, the conciliation process and Public Interest Commission hearings, the government has made their position clear. They expect workers to take a real pay cut by accepting a wage offer far below inflation. They refuse to negotiate remote work and better work-life balance at the table. They have also rejected our calls for mandatory anti-oppression training for all workers and managers.  

Rather than filing frivolous complaints to delay the process, the government should focus on coming back to the table with a reasonable mandate to reach an agreement.  More delays to the bargaining process means members will continue to fall further behind. All workers are asking for is fair wages in the face of soaring inflation and better working conditions.  

There’s no doubt the best way to reach a fair contract is at the negotiating table – but it’s becoming clearer every day: the way to reach an agreement with this government that supports workers is a strong strike mandate from our members.  

That’s why we’ve already announced strike votes for our 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers, and why we’re moving towards potential job action for federal public service workers at Treasury Board, who make up another 120,000 of our members.  

Our members deliver the critical services Canadians rely on. While the government stalls on making things right, we all pay the price. Our bills can’t wait. Inclusive workplaces can’t wait. Good, secure jobs can’t wait. Workers can’t wait.  



January 13, 2023