FB bargaining: Team makes presentation to Public Interest Commission hearing

The FB bargaining team presented PSAC’s arguments for fair wages that are aligned with other law enforcement agencies across the country, stronger job security, access to telework, new protections for our jobs and equitable retirement at the first of two Public Interest Commission hearing dates April 10.

The team also made the case that there are serious problems with harassment, staffing, and recruitment and retention issues at CBSA that need to be addressed. 

Next steps

The employer will present their case to the commission at the next meeting, scheduled for April 22.  The PIC board will then provide a non-binding recommendation based on the hearings.  While the legislation provides for the PIC to issue its recommendation within 30 days of the hearing, the chair may extend that timeline.

Strike vote April 10 to May 15

Our bargaining team is determined to reach a fair contract, one that protects our hard-fought gains and provides new rights and protections for over 9,000 members in the FB group. We deserve to be treated with respect.

PSAC and CIU are conducting a nationwide strike vote for the FB group April 10 to May 15, ramping up the pressure on CBSA in advance of the release of the PIC report.



April 11, 2024