EB members: PIC report advances bargaining to next step

PSAC has received the Public Interest Commission (PIC) report for the Education and Library Science (EB) group following hearings that wrapped up on December 13. Following the same pattern as the TC PIC report and the SV PIC report, the report unfortunately does not provide clear recommendations other than a return to the bargaining table.

Read the PIC report

What’s next?

Common issues affecting all tables are being considered jointly with the PA group. We expect the PA Public Interest Commission (PIC) report to be released soon.

In the meantime, strike votes continue across the country for more than 120,000 Treasury Board workers. We have seen how the government has dragged their feet at the table for more than 18 months, refusing to address any of our key issues while workers continue to fall behind the cost of living. A strong strike mandate from our membership is the best way to pressure the government to come back to the table with a real mandate to negotiate a fair collective agreement.

Your support is so important to our success as we fight for fair wages, better work-life balance, good, secure jobs and more inclusive workplaces.

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February 7, 2023