CRA Public Interest Commission: Recommendations do not address key bargaining issues

The Public Interest Commission (PIC) issued its report with non-binding recommendations for PSAC-UTE to reach a settlement with Canada Revenue Agency February 14. The recommendations are intended to guide the parties in negotiations and help provide an avenue to make progress towards an agreement.  

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However, the Commission did not provide specific recommendations for either side to reach a settlement, and didn’t address PSAC-UTE's key bargaining issues, including fair wages that keep pace with inflation, telework, enhanced job security and better work-life balance. 

The PIC report also states that, for there to be a return to negotiations, “the logjam must be broken first – either by a decision of the parties to re-evaluate or by the introduction of some pressure into the system.”

Until the Agency comes back to the table with a mandate to address the critical issues we’ve identified from the outset and referenced in our PIC submission, we remain at impasse, and we’ll continue to hold strike votes to secure a strong strike mandate, break the logjam and pressure the employer to reach a fair contract for PSAC-UTE members.

Over our last two rounds of bargaining, we’ve needed to take strike votes to force this employer to negotiate meaningfully. This round is no different.

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February 15, 2023