CFIA: Employer tables concessions in response to PSAC proposals

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) tabled unacceptable concessions when they met with our bargaining team January 31 to February 2. The employer’s proposals would roll back provisions currently found in the collective agreement, including employment transition, hours of work, call-back pay, standby and reporting pay. 

Our bargaining team is disappointed the employer has not yet tabled a pay proposal or a response to the PSAC’s monetary demands. 

Our team made it clear that we will not accept any concessions and will continue to fight for a fair contract with improvements to working conditions, including wages that keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living. Given that CFIA receives its bargaining mandate from Treasury Board, the lack of an employer pay proposal that addresses workers' demands for fair wage increases and market adjustments will not come as a surprise. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that securing a fair deal in this round of negotiations (at CFIA as well as the broader public service) will not be possible without a mass mobilization and action by our members across the country, up to and including job action. Until then, we ask CFIA members to sign up for updates, connect with local leadership and be prepared to take action to show support for our bargaining team and our fair demands. This can be as simple as wearing a button, sticker or bracelet!   

We’ll continue to provide updates on negotiations at Agriculture Union regional seminars as well as worksite visits across the country. 

What’s next? 

We will be back at the table February 28 when we expect the employer to table their pay proposal. 

PSAC is currently planning town hall meetings for our members at CFIA in early March 2023. CFIA members will have an opportunity to hear updates, ask questions and share concerns during these meetings. Please stay tuned - dates, times and registration details will be coming soon. 
Meanwhile, tens of thousands of PSAC members have registered for strike votes that will start this month, and we know momentum is ramping up to secure fair contracts for federal public service workers.


February 16, 2023