Boycott of CFMWS begins as strikes passes 60-day mark 

Non-Public Funds workers are the backbone of services for Canadian Forces members, veterans, and their families.

But despite generating profits from the programs and services NPF workers provide, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) refuses to offer fair wages to more than 500 workers currently on strike in Bagotville, Kingston, Montreal–St-Jean, Ottawa, Petawawa, and Valcartier.

CFMWS has pushed PSAC-UNDE members to the brink by forcing us to stay on strike for more than 60 days. That’s why we are calling for a nationwide boycott of CFMWS services and programs.

The boycott of CFMWS is more than a protest. It’s a declaration that all workers matter — not just those in the highest pay bands.

How to participate in the boycott

For military staff on Canadian Forces bases throughout Canada, as well as community members around the bases who utilize the same services, boycotting CFMWS means actively choosing not to use their services and programs and encouraging others to do the same.

By making conscious choices about where to spend our money and which services to use, we can put financial pressure on CFMWS and send a clear message that our troops and communities support us in our fight to be treated with dignity.

Here are some examples of what the boycott looks like in practice: 

  • Instead of using CFMWS-operated gyms and recreational facilities, seek out local community centres or private gyms. 
  • Organize or participate in community sports leagues and recreational activities outside of military bases. 
  • Avoid purchasing items from CANEX stores and look for alternative retail outlets and local businesses to support off-base instead. 
  • Choose local restaurants, cafes, and bars over CFMWS-operated facilities for meals, group outings, and events. 
  • Attend events, concerts, and activities hosted by community organizations or local businesses instead of those organized by CFMWS. 

If nothing else, talk about the strike with military personnel, community members, and CFMWS staff. Engage in a dialogue about the reasons for the boycott and the importance of fair wages for workers. Encouraging understanding and empathy can broaden support for striking workers and help us reach a fair resolution. 

Other ways to support the strike

Even if you don’t live near a Canadian Forces base, you can still demonstrate solidarity with striking PSAC-UNDE members and help apply pressure on the employer. 



March 15, 2024