National Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors (NBoD) serves as steward of the PSAC between conventions. Made up of the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC), along with the presidents of the 15 components, the NBoD meets three times a year and as needed in order to render major program and policy decisions.

Chris Aylward
National President, Public Service Alliance of Canada
Magali Picard
National Executive Vice-President, Public Service Alliance of Canada
Colleen Coffey
Regional Executive Vice-President, Atlantic
Yvon Barrière
Regional Executive Vice-President, Quebec
Sharon DeSousa
Regional Executive Vice-President, Ontario
Marianne Hladun
Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies
Jamey Mills
Regional Executive Vice-President, British Columbia
Jack Bourassa
Regional Executive Vice-President, North
Alex Silas
Regional Executive Vice-President, National Capital Region
Fabian Murphy
National President, Agriculture Union
National President, Canada Employment and Immigration Union
Jean-Pierre Fortin
National President, Customs and Immigration Union
Randy Howard
National President, Government Services Union
Bill Fennell
President, Nunavut Employees Union
Dave Clark
National President, Union of Canadian Transportation Employees
National President, Union of Health and Environment Workers​
June Winger
National President, Union of National Defence Employees
Kevin King
National President, Union of National Employees
Todd Parsons
President, Union of Northern Workers
François Paradis
National President, Union of Postal Communications Employees
Stan Stapleton
National President, Union of Safety and Justice Employees
Marc Brière
National President, Union of Taxation Employees
Virginia Vaillancourt
National President, Union of Veterans' Affairs Employees
Steve Geick
President, Yukon Employees’ Union