Josée-Anne Spirito, Regional Executive Vice-President, North

Josée-Anne Spirito was elected PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for the North at the 9th Regional Triennial Convention held in May  2023. 

Josée-Anne lives in Yellowknife and is dedicated to defending human rights. She was born and raised in Montreal, but considers the Northwest Territories to be her home. Her passion for helping people inspired her to become a nurse and join the labour movement. She believes that union activism can make a real difference in peoples’ lives and is fully committed to the fight. 

She has been a proud member of PSAC and the Union of Northern Workers Local 33 since 2013, where she served as Second Vice-President. She sat at numerous bargaining tables in negotiations with the Northwest Territories government, where she was a vocal advocate for human rights and workers’ rights. Josée-Anne strives to make collective agreements more inclusive to ensure everyone is represented equally. 

She strongly opposes healthcare privatization, which is highly detrimental to northern communities, and is actively fighting for a public healthcare system that guarantees equitable and universal access to care.  

Through her efforts at the bargaining table, Josée-Anne has helped improve members’ working conditions on many levels by pushing for good, secure jobs for workers.  She understands the unique challenges Northern communities face and is committed to decolonizing collective agreements and ensuring that solutions are tailored to the lived experiences of our members.  

Josée-Anne is a staunch defender of northern workers’ interests and works hard to secure fair working conditions for all. 

Josée-Anne Spirito to say: "Workers in the North have a unique perspective and face very specific challenges when it comes to labour rights, reconciliation, or food sovereignty. I’m excited to bring this northern perspective to the national stage because we can’t address these issues as a country without addressing them in a way that makes sense for Northerners. That’s why we need a strong labour movement north of 60 and I am committed to continue building on our collective strength as workers." 

June 1, 2023