Which bargaining unit am I in?

Members employed by Treasury Board work in federal government departments and other parts of the federal public service (For a list of which ones see schedules I and IV of the Financial Administration Act).

Treasury board members belong to one of five bargaining units:

Program and Administrative Services (PA)
98,000 employees in nine occupational groups.
Operational Services (SV)
10,000 employees in eight occupational groups.
Technical Services (TC)
11,000 employees in six occupational groups.
Frontière/Border Services (FB)
8,500 employees at the Canada Border Services Agency.
Education and Library Science (EB)
1,100 employees in three occupational groups.

Treasury Board job classifications and their bargaining units

Job classification Description Bargaining unit
AS Admin Services PA
CM Communications PA
CR Clerical and Regulatory PA
DA Data Processing PA
DD Drafting and Illustration TC
ED Education EB
EG Engineering and Scientific Support TC
EU Educational Support EB
FR Firefighters SV
GL General Labour and Trades SV
GS General Services SV
GT General Technical TC
HP Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operation SV
HS Hospital services SV
IS Information Services PA
LI Lightkeepers SV
LS Library Science EB
OE Office Equipment PA
PI Primary Products Inspection TC
PM Programme Admin PA
PR(S) Printing Operations (Supervisory) SV
PY Photography TC
SC Ships' Crews SV
ST Secretarial, Stenographic and Typing PA
TI Technical Inspection TC
WP Welfare Programmes PA




May 15, 2014