Telework: Joint letters calling for urgent action from TB President Anita Anand, NPD leader Jagmeet Singh

This week, PSAC joins 15 federal public service unions at the National Joint Council (NJC) in sending letters to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and President of the Treasury Board Anita Anand to share our outrage with the federal government’s decision in-office mandate. The updated policy requires all federal public service workers in the core public administration and in separate agencies to work on-site a minimum of three days per week. 

In the letter to Treasury Board President Anita Anand, these unions express their outrage and opposition to the recent, unilateral amendment of the government’s telework mandate.  

We’re calling for immediate action and accountability on a number of issues including: lack of consultation and erosion of labour relations, the advisory process, the inability to implement policies, the impact on workforce productivity and well-being, and lack of trust and respect.  

In the letter to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, the same unions express their concern that the NDP continues to support a government that so flagrantly disregards the rights and well-being of workers. We ask the NDP to use their influence through the Liberal-NDP Confidence and Supply Agreement to hold the Liberal government accountable and champion the rights of workers.  



May 8, 2024