Technical Services (TC) bargaining proposals

PSAC’s Technical Services group include federal public service employees who hold skilled technical positions such as engineering and scientific support positions, technical inspectors, photographers, enforcement workers, designers, and illustrators .

Bargaining issues at-a-glance

Pay allowance & classification issues

The current classification system is outdated and is unable to adequately assess the work done by our members. This has led to a large number of our workers being insufficiently compensated for the services they provide. As such, the TC bargaining team has put forward a number of pay and classification related proposals.

Pay and salary-related benefits

  • Rates of pay proposals to be submitted at a later date, which includes allowances for a variety of groups, including increasing and expanding the scope of existing allowances and creating new ones.
  • Overtime shall be compensated at double time on the basis of the employee’s preference in cash or leave with pay.
  • Increases to shift and weekend premiums.


Technical Services members are pushing for the classification standard to be brought up-to-date so that our members’ work can be properly measured and rated, ultimately leading to proper compensation for all TC bargaining unit members.

Leave improvements

The TC bargaining team is proposing several improvements to our members’ leave provisions, including:

  • Family-Related Responsibility Leave: Expand the scope of family-related leave and increase the total leave with pay allowance to 75 hours for employees with a standard 37.5-hour work week.
  • Injury-on-duty leave: As it stands, employees are granted injury-on-duty pay for a period set at the discretion of the employer. The proposed language would ensure members are compensated for the period certified by a Workers’ Compensation authority in their province, which takes into account the severity of their injury and the time needed to recover.

Hours of work for all members and Operational Issues for Enforcement Workers

Introduce language to ensure that:

  • the Employer shall not change any day workers into shift workers, nor change shift workers into day workers without mutual agreement. 
  • there is proper recognition of the nature of enforcement workers’ duties including the use of force and working hours.

Travel time

TC members are asking that all time spent travelling will be compensated as though one is at work.



June 22, 2018