Take action: Turn up the pressure to improve Canada Life insurance

A parliamentary committee has now been tasked with investigating the mounting issues with the health care plan for federal public service workers following the botched transition to Canada Life in July.  

PSAC expects to be invited to provide expert testimony on the toll the transition to Canada Life is having on federal workers and retirees. 

Canada Life has not been able to keep up with the influx of more than 1.7 million new members, retirees, and dependents that they now administer, and it is having a significant impact on people who depend on these benefits for their medications and other health coverage. 

Take action 

If you have been or continue to be impacted by the transition to Canada Life, write to your MP to pressure Treasury Board President Anita Anand and Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada Yves Duclos to take accountability for improving insurance benefits for PSAC members.  

This government clearly hasn’t learned the lessons of the Phoenix pay disaster and continues to mismanage the implementation of essential services for its own employees, including tens of thousands of PSAC members. The transition to Canada Life continues to cause frustrating challenges for plan members and their families.   

The Government of Canada made the decision to transition to Canada Life, and it is their responsibility to hold Canada Life accountable for the many problems that members are facing.  



October 27, 2023