SV Group bargaining: NO to an indecent wage offer and concessions

Negotiations at the SV Group (Operational Services) table are nearing the breaking point. The comprehensive offer presented by Treasury Board on May 4 is rife with concessions and fails to respond to the vast majority of the members’ key demands.

The employer refused to budge on the unacceptable wage offer presented at the Common Issues table in March, with economic increases of around 1.7% per year—well below inflation. Even worse, the request for salary adjustments was completely ignored, even though it’s a priority for the SV team.

Unacceptable concessions

The employer demanded many concessions, such as a reduction in overtime premiums if members work remotely and a limit on mileage allowance. It also seeks to set an expiry date on the allowance for certain members, including refrigeration HVAC technicians. This allowance is designed to address a recruitment and retention problem that still persists.

The employer agreed to recognize bereavement leave for perinatal death, but not for miscarriage.

We had made it clear that this was the last opportunity for Treasury Board to make an offer that would take into account the rising cost of living and the significant wage gaps; however, the offer fell short of our expectations.

Upcoming national event

Other Treasury Board groups, including PA, TC, and EB, have bargaining dates set for May, which will give a clearer picture of how Treasury Board negotiations will shape up going forward.

We are at a decisive moment in Treasury Board bargaining. That’s why we encourage you to register for our May 17 national panel, where we can discuss the latest bargaining news, why strong mobilization is more important than ever, and how PSAC members have taken job action to win major victories during the pandemic.

Stay up to date

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May 12, 2022