Strike votes to begin for military base workers in wake of Public Interest Commission

Following a Public Interest Commission (PIC) report that backs the union’s demand for crucial wage adjustments, the Public Service Alliance of Canada will begin holding strike votes for civilian hospitality workers at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier.

In a resounding victory for Non-Public Funds (NPF) workers, the Commission has sided with PSAC, calling on the government to fix wage gaps for employees whose wages lag far behind their peers in the industry.

NPF members provide vital programs and services to Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, yet they are some of the lowest-paid federal public sector workers in Canada.

For example, an administrative assistant at Valcartier is paid 40 per cent less than a worker doing the same job in Ottawa. Management has even acknowledged this wage gap, admitting it makes it difficult to attract and recruit new employees.

That’s why we need a strong strike mandate to force the employer to return to the table prepared to offer fair wage adjustments.

PSAC is calling for NPF employees to be pay-matched to public service workers doing the same or similar work in the core public service. Managers already have a national pay grid that matches their salaries to the core public service. NPF workers shouldn’t be treated like second-class employees.

We’re also pushing for the employer to stop contracting out work that can be done by unionized employees, a practice which ultimately ends up costing the employer more money.

Our members continue to faithfully serve Canada’s armed forces. They’ve waited long enough for fair wages; they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


March 6, 2020