SSO members: Register now for upcoming national town hall meetings

The Statistics Services Operations (SSO) team will hold virtual town hall meetings to give members the latest updates and outline our next steps as we move into arbitration.   

In this town hall, we will hear from Hassan Husseini, PSAC national negotiator, who will provide important information and insight into the bargaining process, including arbitration and timelines for the conclusion of this process. He will also provide an overview of our key demands for arbitration. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns at the end of the meeting.  

SSO members deserve a contract that recognizes their hard work and dedication, and fair wages and benefits fully in line with other core public administration employees across Canada.  

This is your opportunity to learn how your bargaining team is fighting to make that happen.   

Please register your attendance for one of the sessions below. All sessions will be bilingual.   



April 1, 2022